Musings of a Life on Mission

It’s Sunday. The final day of 2017 and it’s a chilly one. Coffee steaming from our mugs is calling us to sip. Brooks and I are sitting by the wood stove hearing the crackle of fire. Flashes of light are bursting through the wood stove.

Thoughts and wonderment are stirring my heart about the close of one year and start of another. How will God move in our life in 2018? What call to action will we hear?

It’s peaceful in this house, exactly as it should be.

As I sit here taking in the final day of 2017, I am reminded of God’s encouragement for us to look ahead. We run a hard race here on this imperfect earth. The days filling our time here seem futile. They can be full of disappointments, regrets, and bitterness and it’s easy to get that way.

I never blame a person for feeling these emotions. I’ve felt them too over the years. Plenty of bible characters have lived their fair share of turmoil. We’re not alone in this.

Remember to Pray

Then, there are the modern-day warriors whose lives perhaps hang in the balance right now. They’re the ones sitting in jail, hiding underground, and covering their bibles in hopes of protecting it from confiscation.

We don’t live these lives in the United States. We have freedoms that far exceed our wildest dreams. I can write to you in an open forum, on my own website, the truths of Scripture without the fear of death. Sharing the Gospel has never been easier. But, I always remember those whose call is to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth where it’s dangerous to do so.

Remember them in 2018. Remember to pray for them, support them, and encourage them.

Then Came F.O.M. – Farm.Overland.Mission.

Reflecting on our 2017, I am reminded of our own specific call to come alongside missionaries of the world. That’s why we made “F.O.M.” our life banner of sorts. These three words encompass what God has been moving us to do in this short life.

We are to Farm. Overland. And go on Mission. That’s us.

This time last year, Brooks and I were thinking about 2017 and praying about what it would look like. That’s when God spoke this tiny little acronym that happens to carry a big punch.

At first, we were seeking His will for Brooks’ life. But, the more I prayed about my role as the wife of a man whose call is F.O.M., I realized that it is my call, too. He put us together on purpose and His purpose will prevail.

Having embraced that I would lead an F.O.M. life, I asked God to give me the specifics. It took all year to do it but I am starting to see our next chapter. It’s evident that it will be the ‘M’ of the F.O.M. life. A life of MISSION.

I’ve already started to live out this ‘M’ life over the last few years. First, it was through foreign missions in Nicaragua, then to this blog, and now through mission advocacy.

We’ve seen the Lord work uniquely and mightily. He’s worked in ways that we just don’t understand and yet have a complete peace about. We’ve seen our obedient steps turn to reward.

And we’re watching as the seemingly impossible becomes possible, only through Him that is able.

I have no idea where a family of our own is in all of this. I still have yet to be cleared for another embryo transfer. But, we are praying that God would allow this in our lives. We want the pitter-patter of little feet on the floors of our home. But, we also want to be responsible; Responsible for my health and, thus, the quality of life of our children.

But, also responsible for the plans that God has for our life – even if it means foregoing or postponing that family.

Being Naked

As Henry Blackaby suggests, look to see where God is working and go there. Right now, in the Davis household, He is plowing up our specific mission field readying it for our own labors while my health is being restored.

Where is God leading you? I mean truly leading you? If you were to forego all of your own wants and strip yourself clean of any lusts, what would you see? If you see a naked you, then you’re looking in the wrong direction.

Look outward.

See where God is working and go… on mission.

One thought on “Musings of a Life on Mission

  • January 5, 2018 at 8:53 PM

    I’ve been waiting for this and it was so worth the wait. Has made me stop to remember and look outward.

    You and Brooks are such a blessing and we love you💞


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