Musings of a Life on Mission

Musings of a Life on Mission

It’s Sunday. The final day of 2017 and it’s a chilly one. Coffee steaming from our mugs is calling us to sip. Brooks and I are sitting by the wood stove hearing the crackle of fire. Flashes of light are bursting through the wood stove.

Thoughts and wonderment are stirring my heart about the close of one year and start of another. How will God move in our life in 2018? What call to action will we hear?

It’s peaceful in this house, exactly as it should be.

As I sit here taking in the final day of 2017, I am reminded of God’s encouragement for us to look ahead. We run a hard race here on this imperfect earth. The days filling our time here seem futile. They can be full of disappointments, regrets, and bitterness and it’s easy to get that way.

I never blame a person for feeling these emotions. I’ve felt them too over the years. Plenty of bible characters have lived their fair share of turmoil. We’re not alone in this.

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