Trip to the Southern Living Idea House 2015


Yesterday, a bunch of girlfriends and I got to take a much needed, and albeit rare, break from life and mommyhood to do a girls’ day. It has been hard to get together lately, so I was completely overjoyed when I was able to pull a few of them away from their busy lives just to hang out. Me with my farm wife & blogging life, some being mommas to little ones 5 and under, full-time working moms, my sister in graduate school, etc. it’s no wonder I haven’t seen any of them!

Of course, I see many of my girlies every Sunday and some throughout the week but there’s just nothing like a girls’ day, amen? It’s those moments of over-sharing, laughter, and encouragement that can lift a girl’s spirits without much effort.

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When Silence is the Best Medicine

When Silence is the Best Medicine

Good morning world! I am blogging from my long-johns today as it is in the 30s here in Virginia. When it’s a chilly, fall day a wood stove and long-johns become the standard.

Last night, I was curling up in my oversized chair reading the story of Job. I’ve been a bit depressed these days and nothing [I mean NOTHING] has eased my griefs. So, into the God’s word I went.

Job’s testimony is one that should be read by all. It is about a man whom God allowed Satan to attack in order to prove his faith. God was using Job to conquer evil although he didn’t know this at the time. He lost everything except for his wife and a few servants, and developed painful boils that covered him head to toe. The whole book goes through this event, a dialogue between Job and his friends, and ends with teaching us the character of God and the relentless faith of Job.

As I was reading through, something struck a chord with me that I think so many miss. The BEAUTY OF SILENCE. Read more