The Great Divide: It’s Time to Close the Gap

The Great Divide: It’s Time to Close the Gap

I’m going to give you fair warning that my post today is as hard for me to write as it will be for you to read. I’ve noticed a problem with today’s culture and it has spread even into the realm of infertility.

The problem is this… 
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The Baby Hope Chest

The Baby Hope Chest


Happy New Year! We’ve entered into a new stretch of days, weeks, and months all conjoined together. Full of seasons, greens, flowers, fluffy white snow, beautiful fall foliage, beach vacations, peach picking, and barbecuing.

I am not someone who gets too wrapped up in the world’s hoopla over “New Year New You”. The media I think over does it a bit. Magically motivating everyone with their newly found annual dose of HOPE. Read more

Trip to the Southern Living Idea House 2015


Yesterday, a bunch of girlfriends and I got to take a much needed, and albeit rare, break from life and mommyhood to do a girls’ day. It has been hard to get together lately, so I was completely overjoyed when I was able to pull a few of them away from their busy lives just to hang out. Me with my farm wife & blogging life, some being mommas to little ones 5 and under, full-time working moms, my sister in graduate school, etc. it’s no wonder I haven’t seen any of them!

Of course, I see many of my girlies every Sunday and some throughout the week but there’s just nothing like a girls’ day, amen? It’s those moments of over-sharing, laughter, and encouragement that can lift a girl’s spirits without much effort.

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First and Only Option: THRIVE

First and Only Option: THRIVE

Am I a product of my environment?

When I read things like this, I’m empowered to create a better environment in hopes that I will become a better person. Changes that perhaps change the course of my marriage or the life of another. I want to be careful about the company I keep, the food I eat, the things I say “yes” to. I’m usually moved to work out, eat healthy, be patient in my marriage, get up early on a rainy Sunday morning (Ha!).

But what about when I am battling something I CAN’T change? Something like the physical & emotional manifestations of infertility?

To address the depths of emotion we Infertile Myrtles have on a consistent basis takes something much stronger than a quirky quote off the internet.

It takes learning to not just survive but THRIVE. Read more