A Different Kind of Christmas: What to do When Christmas Isn’t Merry

I have always envisioned Christmas morning at my house. It’s a dream of mine to wake up and watch my children & husband open gifts while I sip my coffee. From there, I’d move to my farmhouse kitchen, still wrapped in my bathrobe, where I would scramble some eggs and whip up some monkey bread. Definitely hearing the sheep baaing, the rooster crowing, and some cows mooing outside of my window while grabbing for mug-o-joe number two. Girl gotta wake up… Read more

Christmas: Through the Eyes of a Young Farm Girl

Christmas: Through the Eyes of a Young Farm Girl

I have many, many fond memories of Christmas at our farm growing up. The sights, the smells, the crispness in the air. How mom & dad decorated our wonderful little farm cottage. And I my playhouse… just envision tinsel. Lots and LOTS of tinsel! You know the fluffy garlands you buy at the Dollar Tree? ? It all just takes me back to yesteryear when I was little and carefree.

Our slice of heaven was a little green farmhouse in the outskirts of Ashland, VA on about 5 acres. The property had a two-story red barn that dad would hang this gargantuan vine wreath on. It was cross-fenced with three board wood fences, open fields, a gravel drive, enormous, old trees and, as I have today, lots and lots of critters.

It was everything you could imagine – a genuine sense of peace, the smell of good food cooking, beautiful hardwood floors with puddles of melted snow by the doors. Chickens flittering about the back porch and some even brazen enough to make their way inside the farmhouse.

Except for the clucking of chickens, neighing of horses, and baaing of goats, there was a still quietness that softened even the worst of days.  A stunning life.

Yep, I’m a farm girl at heart and will always be one. Though I don’t mind a quick trip to the city here and there. I do love to travel. Read more

Mini Christmas Farmhouse Tour 2015

Mini Christmas Farmhouse Tour 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Truly. Christmas to me means so many things. This season just warms my heart. Celebrating the birth of our Savior, Christmas Eve service at my church, parties with family & friends, musicals at church, Christmas music. The wood stove burning, cookies baking, pot roast in the crock, and coming home everyday to my humble little farmhouse decorated with some of my favorite things. Love, LOVE it!


Today won’t be one of those deep hearted posts. I’ll go easy on you this time. 🙂 This one is just pure joy from my heart. It’s me sharing some of the good things happening WIW (while I wait) on that BFP (big fat positive). My home is one of my favorite distractions from the struggles we go through. As I’ve said before, we truly believe our home is our sanctuary. Coming home pleases Brooksie and I like nothing else.

So, here are a few of my favorite things enjoyed during this beautiful season of celebration. Read more