Update: RE Appt Dec 2015

Update: RE Appt Dec 2015

Good morning all! We wanted to give you a brief update regarding our appointment with the RE and what our plans are going forward. Before we start, here are a few acronyms as reference:

RE – Reproductive Endocrinologist (Fertility Specialist)

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization (our pre-created embryo is transferred; aka test tube baby)

IUI – Intra-uterine Insemination (artificial insemination)

SAHW – Stay at Home Wife

TWW – Two Week Wait (time between ovulation and the start of next cycle)

TMI – Too Much Information

AF – Aunt Flow (a woman’s period/menses)

We met with our first RE, “Dr. A”, almost a year ago. He had said that, given we were 9 years into our journey, our best option was IVF . This procedure is roughly $25,000 and covers up to 6 attempts (or transfers). The cost could be up to $30,000 depending on if an additional egg retrieval is needed. If the transfers don’t work, the office offers a risk share program and we get a very large portion of our money back.

We were so disappointed to hear this but understood his reasoning. He also explained other options available to us but said this one would render the highest chances of success. Throughout this year, Brooks and I have been praying and talking through possibly giving IVF a shot… no pun intended… Ha! Read more

Supplements, Seeds, & Acupuncture OH MY!

Supplements, Seeds, & Acupuncture OH MY!

Hello All! I am so excited to share how our appointment with the Naturopathic Doctor went this week!

First, let me throw out a disclaimer. The regimens and advise shared in this post were given to me specifically. While a lot of these can be utilized by anyone, I highly suggest consulting a practitioner before trying them individually or all together.

Ok, with that out of the way I can share away!


Brooks and I had the pleasure of meeting with a Nathuropathic Doctor this week. As you may know by my last blog post we are not moving forward with IVF at this time. We had planned to do so but some stuff happened and we are not able to now. So, in lieu of that we are giving natural medicine a shot. Read more