So, How Much DOES Infertility Cost???

The financial cost of infertility is substantial.

Almost immediately, after deciding to seek medical help, dollar signs began orbiting my thoughts. I knew treatments were expensive but I wasn’t counting on them being rejected by insurance… thanks a lot Anthem. ?

Yep, infertility treatments as well as diagnostic tests are all forfeited by our insurance. So, nearly every penny has been out of pocket. I think that is a detail that many supporters of infertile couples don’t fully comprehend. There is a level of struggle beyond the emotion, frustration, and disappointment. There is a financial ramification.

We did manage to slip a few of the tests through – blood work, post FET ultrasounds were considered pregnancy support, and the miscarriage were “covered” (albeit we have a high deductible plan so we still have to pay loads out of pocket). We also coded the Laparoscopy and HSG so that insurance would accept it. We were able to do that because I was also having symptoms of endometriosis, which was an allowable diagnostic.

Below is part detail and part summary of what we’ve paid thus far for our treatments. This list doesn’t just detail our IVF, it also includes surgeries, over the counter meds, blood work, miscarriage, and other consults & diagnostic tests.

The amounts shown are what we paid out of pocket after insurance, if applicable. Praise God, we had some donors come through to help with some of the IVF costs!

Lots of numbers to crunch and think about, I know. But guys, this is reality. And, if you are an infertile’s supporter, this is what that couple in your life is up against.

Sound like fun!?!? Here we go…

57766661_s-2DIAGNOSTICS & MISC $4,799.44

Consults & Misc Tests $1,567.62

HSG $449.71

Laparoscopy $1,543.00

Other (Naturopath, Prenatal vitamins, Preg/Ovulation Tests, etc.) $1,239.11***

***This amount doesn’t include every purchase of vitamins, pre/ovulation tests, etc. I’ve ever made. It’s just what I have record of. So in essence, it’s incomplete.

IUI COSTS $561.95

We completed one cycle of IUI in January 2016.

IUI Procedure $101.93

Ultrasound $150.00

Semen Washing $200

HCG Shot & Clomid $110.02

IVF w/ One FET 2016 $27,669.54 ?

The ‘procedural fees’ cover up to 6 attempts at pregnancy. We currently have 10 more frozen embryos and can complete 5 more FET transfers. Each FET costs us the meds (roughly $923.93 each transfer) plus any post transfer support (ultrasounds, etc.). Assuming all 5 additional transfers are completed, you can add about $7,595.25 to the total IVF costs, which comes to a grand total of $35,264.79 for IVF procedures.

Initial Consult & Trial Transfer $323.23

IVF Meds & Injections $2,747,75

FET Meds $923.93

Anesthesia for Retrieval $500.00

Procedural Fees $22,000

Other: Blood work, Semen Handling, Etc. $579.81

Post Transfer Support (ultrasounds, acupuncture, etc.) $595.12


Miscarriage $2,201.07

GRAND TOTAL: $35,232!!! ?

If we progress through 5 more transfers, the GRAND TOTAL would be $42,827.25, give or take, assuming we don’t have too much exorbitant costs associated with miscarriages.

So, as you can see infertility is no joke. These are just the out of pocket costs; insurance did pay some additional costs.

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4 thoughts on “So, How Much DOES Infertility Cost???

  • November 30, 2016 at 11:17 AM

    Coming back to this post today because you summarize the cost aspect so well!!! Thanks for writing this.

    • November 30, 2016 at 11:40 AM

      That’s what it’s there for Betsy! Glad it could be of use!

    • November 29, 2016 at 3:59 PM

      Hey Sharon!

      Thanks for sharing the info. We actually went to see a naturopath before doing IVF and IUI. Also, I’ve adopted a paleo for life that has helped my general health SO MUCH! But, still no pregnancy. All of my blood-workups are coming back healthy as an ox, even thyroid, etc. Hubs’ diet has improved over the years as well.

      We don’t know what’s up. But, we keep pressing forward. 🙂


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