Serving Even Our Enemies

Summer is coming to a close. The air is cooler today. I’m sitting outside in my favorite antique metal patio chair. Which by the way, Joanna Gaines has the same exact one… and yes, it’s painted in the same color. I didn’t copycat her on this one; we truly were just kindred spirits in our selections.

Just sayn’!

As I’m typing this little devotional, I’m in the middle of my yard watching my chickens eat the seeds off of the field grasses. I’m wondering where Lambie is? I let her in our yard but she’s disappeared. Who knows. Likely, she’s helping herself to my potted plants… wonderful. Annabelle is taking an afternoon siesta, along with my farmer husband Brooks, and my golden retriever, Jack, is copiloting my writing task.

Jack says ‘Hi’…

All of this serenity and peace is disrupted though by a simple realization I found in John. I’m reading through the book while in between organized bible studies {summer break for a lot of church groups}.

I’ve gotten to the part where Jesus washes His disciples feet. The overarching principle is servant leadership. That’s a given. It’s what’s mostly touched on when pastors preach on this passage, bible study leaders facilitate questions on it, and the little notes in our bibles focus on this, too.

But, as I sat staring at the verses it dawned on me that, not only did Jesus wash the feet of those who loved Him, He washed Judas Iscariot’s feet, as well. At this time, Judas had already agreed to betray Jesus. He knew this and yet STILL washed his feet.

Jesus didn’t get to Judas, look at him and say… “NOPE!”…

There are numerous mentions in Scripture that we are to love our enemies. But, I hadn’t seen Christ’s example of this in action until today, at least not in this passage.

So, here I sat in the loveliness that is my life and I start to think on all of those instances of being attacked in one way or another. My enemies and those that have hurt me or done wrong to me… and these gnats hovering around this sticky, sweaty post workout skin of mine. Bleh! I’m telling you, if one more lands in my ears…!!!

As I said in this post, Christ is my example. And this is the case even when it’s hard to hear. It’s easier to have Him be my example when things are easy for me; when it’s easy to follow His lead.

But, what about when it’s not a walk in the park?

Like when someone has hurt me but Christ calls us to love them anyways? Or an even harder task, to love someone and serve them even though they CONTINUE to cause pain and hurt!?!?!

Double ‘UGH’!

I will say this particular example set before me was a bit of a gut punch. To see not just the instruction or the command in words, but to see it in action. Somehow, that just makes it all the more hard, doesn’t it?

I am not a vengeful person. If someone does wrong to me, I don’t seek out to destroy that person or cause them pain. Usually, I just walk away in my hurt and anger. I admit it. I wish I could say that I continue to love on them or at the very least confront them about the hurt. Sometimes I do but I haven’t made a habit out of it. My husband will confirm that I recluse myself. I’ll get mad and cry about it later as he always says.

But, what does this feet washing look like? In practical terms? I promise to pray and seek His will to find out. It will look different for everyone, I think. And then there’s that balance between continuing to serve & love versus severing ties; walking away. But, that’s a whole ‘nutha’ post…

So, the next time you are hurt, angry, or broken because of an offense, or maybe you are continuing to be attacked, just remember Christ’s example. He served and loved on the very one that would betray Him. This man didn’t decide to throw Jesus under the bus it in a split moment of rage, stupidity, or unconsciousness; it was premeditated. And yet, our Savior washed his feet anyways. How’s that for unconditional love?

By the way, I found Lambie and my plants are ok.

A Chicken Pic... Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
A Chicken Pic… Cock-A-Doodle-Doo


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