How to Thrive as a Stay At Home Wife or WAHW

When Brooks and I decided I was going to be a SAHW/WAHW, we knew to expect certain challenges. Things like striving to live off of one income, downsizing our lifestyle, etc. was all known to us.

But, there are, also, mental challenges to being a stay at home wife {SAHW} or work at home wife! Early in my transition, I found myself tempted in unexpected ways. Things like how easy it is to let the day slip away.

You know the scenario… you sluggishly awake while sipping a cup of coffee and catching some form of news. Once you’ve risen from your deathly state, you accomplish a few minor tasks like checking email or getting some bookkeeping done. Then, it’s time to hit the grocery store or run a quick errand to the post office. And then, WHAM!, it’s already dinnertime and you haven’t even showered… or dressed in anything beyond yoga pants. Where did the day go?

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27

I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade to making my day productive. Each day I have to make setting myself up for success a priority.

Some of this is sure to be devastating advice but it’s wisdom I promise. Implementing even just one of these puts you on the right track to a more productive and streamlined life as a SAHW/WAHW.img_0554

Tips for SAHW/WAHW Wives


I’m typically a morning shower taker. Not going to lie, yes, there have been days I didn’t shower & dress until late afternoon. Seriously, what the what?!? I don’t feel motivated to do much when I lounge around in my PJs or “house-clothes” all day. I am more productive if I get showered and dressed early in the morning as though I’m reporting to a regular job.


Yoga pants are not real clothes… There I said it. Ok, I’m going to get some haters on this one. I just know it. {GASP!!} Like, how dare I speak badly of yoga pants! They ARE comfortable & cozy and I love them!

But, psychologically speaking, it’s not setting me up for success. When I wear yoga pants all day, I tend to be more sluggish. My mind is in comfy mode and not progress mode. So drop them.



I keep an old-school style calendar open and ready all day in my kitchen nook. When I say old-school style, I mean paper… not Google or Apple. But, actual paper bound together using spiral binding. However, I’m definitely not knocking electronics (see number 4). I keep a calendar because it has been proven that written goals are more likely to be accomplished than unwritten. So, each week I keep myself in check not only with my appointments but a minor to do list. My favorite part is checking them off as I finish. It’s a visual aid to my accomplishments and I am motivated that way.


If you are as busy as Brooksie and I are, you need to have a shared calendar. Being husband & wife, business partners, and people who share much of our extracurricular time together, we tend to operate better when we know more of each other’s whereabouts and happenings. NO!, we don’t know where each other are every waking hour of the day! I’m not suggesting you destroy your marriage people! Both of you need to have breathing room for crying out loud!

But, I am suggesting you create a family calendar. For example, my Thursdays tend to be swamped with appointments and obligations. It is good for my hubs to know this so he can plan accordingly when farm operations need my help.

Vice versa, the summertime is Brooks BUSIEST time of year. #HaymakingSeason #MowingSeason So, for me, I need to know his schedule so I can book family time, birthday parties, business appointments, etc.

It’s one place for the both of us to view the busyness of our lives. It acts as a safeguard from stress because we won’t overbook ourselves or accidentally overlap responsibilities. Google and Apple have good apps for this.


One of our times during an ordinary day that we talk and decompress is at the dinner table. You’ve probably heard or read this tip somewhere along the lines… mealtime is family growing time. It’s a time to talk about your day, aspirations, and goal progress. My all-time favorite thing to talk about is our childhood pastimes. Brooks and I have been together for almost 17 years and we are still learning about each other. Our childhood is that time in our life that we didn’t know each other. So, when we talk about it, it’s like we are taking one another on an adventure.

So, the advice here is to meal plan. Create those moments around the dinner table. Even if you have literally write “Dinnertime” into your shared calendar! Designate a time, plan some delicious meals, and get to chit chatting.


Unless, of course, you are designating some time to research, which I do. For the most part, you will need to avoid social media. ? It’s just too time consuming. Seriously, there are days when I am laid up on the couch with the TV on, wearing my yoga pants, and scrolling through my phone, all the while my tasks for the day are still sitting on my to do list unchecked.

Social media absolutely mesmerizes you! But, instead of thinking of it as “I can’t have this”, just repeat this mantra “I will do this later”. That way, you aren’t telling your brain it can’t do these things. You are simply designating a different time to do them.


Follow people on Instagram and Pinterest that are doing what you are doing. I love that as I am sitting down to eat lunch (one of my approved times to peruse social media), I scroll through my IG feed and see a fellow SAHW/WAHW doing their thing. It acts as a dose of inspiration. Just be careful not to compare yourself with them! That’s not the goal. You’re simply learning some new tips to hone your skills.

It’s not necessarily the pretty living room pictures, etc. It’s the pictures that grasp my attention but it’s the content or reading material that really reaches my inner core. I’m researching blogs and articles that talk about whatever interest I am looking to hone. Sometimes that’s debt free living, cleaning, homemaking my grandmother’s way, or a fun new recipe.


I love background noise. I need background noise. Background noise keeps me sane. But, sometimes the TV is too distracting, so I utilize Spotify or Pandora, A LOT! It keeps my house from being too quiet and aligns my mind with being awake. Too much quiet equals nap time for me.

Brooks does this as well. His remedy for too much boring, quiet time is podcasts. He loves them. He’ll start one up and listen to it as he goes about his work. This is a fantastic way to work on your skills and get inspired! Pop in a sermon, a blip about homesteading, Dave Ramsey’s radio program, etc. Those are a touch more productive than music.

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3 thoughts on “How to Thrive as a Stay At Home Wife or WAHW

  • November 20, 2017 at 4:16 PM

    As I sit here in my well-worn yoga pants, I shed a tear, haha. I don’t want to ditch the yoga pants and sweatshirt attire, but I know that you’re right! What are your go to outfits that help you be productive and aren’t so fancy they get in the way of getting things done?

    • November 20, 2017 at 8:08 PM

      LOL, like I said, I knew it was going to step on some toes! 😀 I always go for jeans and a nice top. I work behind a computer most days and there is ALWAYS good music and tea or coffee. I make my office time an experience. 😉

  • September 21, 2016 at 9:38 PM

    I love and needed this!


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