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Caroline, a fellow blogger and sister in Christ, has a unique approach to her infertility. Instead of chasing treatment after treatment, she and her husband, Colby, have chosen to remain still. In fact, as you will read in a bit, they haven’t dove hard and fast into the medical treatment world that many of us find ourselves swimming in these days. Very literally, they are sitting and waiting.

I’ve always admired this about Caroline. I myself waited 8 years before truly talking with my OB about our lack of pregnancy. Still longer before seeing a specialist and giving IVF a shot… pun intended. That is why I love Caroline’s testimony so much. We both have had to exercise the emotionally debilitating task of waiting… not just waiting for a positive pregnancy test. But, the kind of waiting that requires a special kind of muscle. It’s waiting on the Lord to give guidance and direction when everything in you just wants to get started… oh, and everyone else around you is participating in all that medical science has to offer these days.

We’re the bench warmers. The ones sitting on the side lines watching the game play out. Be still…

For you runners out there… I know when I run down my road over and over again, I use the same muscle groups. My runs are still exercising my heart, burning those calories, and building muscles in my quads and hips. But, it never fails, when I go trail running I always end up in an epsom salt bath moaning and groaning to the pain I’m experiencing of muscles less used. Trail running is different from road running. It’s a COMPLETELY different muscle group. Trail running has enabled me to discover muscles I didn’t know existed… and thus, pain I’ve rarely experienced.

That’s what “Be Still” is like. The normal infertility road is like road running. It’s a pretty standard set of faith and perseverance muscle group. But, waiting when you know there are treatments to be had, doctors to see, and hope to be accumulated is a much different group of faith muscle. It’s the trail running of infertility and depending on the path ahead, you’d better pace yourself because this is a marathon… not a sprint.

Infertility is hard. It’s even harder when you want to seek medical intervention and your Creator says “BE STILL”.

That is who Caroline is. She is that endurance trail runner whose running the hard and obstacle filled road called “Be Still” Trail. A Tough Mudder if you will… Aren’t you just loving all these puns?!?!?


As a little girl I dreamed of the day I’d become a wife and then a mom. My reality has been much different than I planned, but God has still shown his faithfulness. He brought someone into my life who was more than I could have asked for or imagined. You know the list that you have in the back of your mind of what you want in someone? Well sure enough God exceeded that.

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My now husband, Colby, and I met in October 2009 and married in April 2011. It was very soon into our marriage that we decided we were ready for kids. Because of prior health history, we both were tested and the results came back devastating. We were diagnosed with both severe male factor and female factor infertility and told by doctors that we would never have children. We met with a RE one time and haven’t been back since. Five years later and we are following the call the Lord has put on our heart which is to surrender it all to him and not pursue any medical help. We don’t chart or track, we don’t take any medications, we aren’t seeing any doctors, but we do trust and believe that God will bring us our babies in due time.

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We have been so thankful for the community of believers that God has surrounded us with while we wait. Specifically, it has been those that we know closely and don’t know well at all that have been dedicated to praying for us on our journey. Time after time at church, we have had others come up to us and speak hope into our situation. We have had others lay hands on and pray over us. We have had so many reach out and give us a prophetic words or tell us about the dreams and visions they had of us.

In addition, it’s the text message or card that brings me encouragement that means so much. While it is easy for those who are on this journey to know what it’s like, those who aren’t on this journey don’t. Yet, it’s those that don’t who take time to say that they care or that they are thinking about me that really means so much to me. It’s the little things that people to do that have carried us through and showed us love and compassion. Truly, from a card to a personal phone call, from a prayer to a hug, every little thing counts.

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Caroline Harries has a heart for those who are waiting on breakthrough from the Lord. Her unwavering faith is evident as she believes for her own miracle of children. She delights in encouraging women through her internationally followed blog, In Due Time, and her ministry to those desiring to become mothers, Moms in the Making. Caroline holds a degree in finance and marketing from Baylor University in Texas, where she and her husband live. {Let’s Connect} FacebookInstagramBloglovinPinterestGoogle +Twitter

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